Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens to the children after Year 4?

At the end of Year 4, the children will naturally move into Year 5 at The Mease (in 2020) and then into Year 6 (in 2021).  By 2021 we will have pupils in all year groups.

Will the children swim?

Whilst we will not have a swimming pool at The Mease, we hope that one year group of children will be able to swim in the pool at Hilton Primary.  If, due to timetabling restrictions, this isn’t possible, we will seek an alternative swimming provider for one year group of pupils.

What happens if more than 15 children apply for each year group?

In the first year, the school has an admission number of 30 in Reception, 30 in Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2) and 30 in Lower Key Stage 2 (Years 3 and 4).

The school will accordingly admit this number of pupils if there are sufficient applications.  If there are more applications than 15 for a particular year group, we will be flexible where possible.

Will there be nursery provision?

The school will not have a nursery.

How will transition work?

We want your children to feel as comfortable as possible about starting their new school.  We will be holding transition events for all children during the summer term (June and July 19) to give them a chance to meet their teachers and new friends.  The Mease will not yet be built at this point so these sessions will take place at another location within Hilton.

There will also be opportunities for families to visit the school during the summer holidays, once we have the keys!  This will allow new children and their families to fully immerse themselves in The Mease ethos and meet other families starting at our school.

When will school be staffed?

Our Principal Designate, Julia Hart, has been appointed and will be in post from January 2019.  She is already doing work behind the scenes with support of our Primary Education Director, Angela O’Brien.  Roles will start to be filled in the spring term to aid the smooth opening of the school.  Upon opening, there will be teachers and teaching assistants, kitchen staff, a site manager and office staff.  Staff numbers will increase with pupil numbers.

Will you be cooking school dinners on site?

Yes, we will have a state of the art onsite kitchen that will provide nutritious, healthy, hot school meals.

How will it be decided whether our children go to The Mease or Hilton Primary?

Both schools share the same catchment area, giving parents the choice of two schools – it is your decision! The two schools are both part of the Spencer Academies Trust and will work closely together.  Please see our admissions criteria for further details.

 How do we apply?

Please apply for The Mease using the application form on our website.  However, if you are applying for a place in Reception, please also apply through Derbyshire County Council, to ensure you get a second choice if The Mease is oversubscribed.  Please note, places at The Mease cannot be applied for through Derbyshire County Council.

What is the plan for the Governors?

Hilton Primary and The Mease will be sharing the same Board of Governors.  However, we are keen to have representation on the Board of parents from both schools.